XB-40 questions

Hi all,

  i've received a couple of XB-40s in the past couple
of days, and i took the time to re-read the posts from
owners who had something to say. it's been instructive
  my question is... no one's said anything about their
XB in awhile. i wonder how people are progressing, and
i wonder if anyone has tips to share on how to
approach this new harp. things to do, things not to
  also, i'm interested to find out if anyone's gotten
past that hard-to-play 10-blow issue. i noticed it
right away, but also quickly found an embochure that
worked. it's alot like doing a blow bend on the 9
hole. in a funny way, it makes the instrument feel
more... active. like you have to work with it more. it
causes problems, of course: the 7/10 octave is tough
to get right. maybe too tough.  
  any more info would be appreciated. 
  happy holidays, everyone.


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