Re: Stick-on letters

"Scorcher" <s_c_o_r_c_h_e_r@xxxxxxx> wrote
on Mon, 24 Nov 2003 20:27:28 -0800:
> Subject: Stick-on letters
> Do any on this list use the sheet of stick-on letters that
> Coast-to-Coast sell?
> They seem to be uncoated paper on top - should they be sealed after
> applying to the harmonica?
> What should I seal them with?

I don't know if they are the same as Dave Barrett's plastic labels
(, which I use and like.

I put them on the end of the comb (they only just fit, some need
a very slight shave with a sharp knife), then seal with clear nail
polish. On the Golden Melodies this melts the letter into the
comb plastic a little. On Sp20s and MBs it sits on top and the polish
seals it. Either way it does the job.

Aluminium combs I just write on with a sharpie.


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