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Hey Scorcher,

- --- Scorcher <s_c_o_r_c_h_e_r@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> Do any on this list use the sheet of stick-on
> letters that Coast-to-Coast sell?

Dave Barrett also sells a rub on labeling kit. But
I don't use these products. 

To label my harps I simply got a sheet of good,
heavy paper and used my computer to type all the
key letters, including flats etc., and then I punch
out the ones I want with a hole-punch, and use
clear nail polish to stick them onto my harps. One
on each end, and one on the back of the comb.
> They seem to be uncoated paper on top - should
> they be sealed after applying to the harmonica?
> What should I seal them with?

Yes, I use nail polish to over-coat the letters
after they've dried. This seals them in nice. 

Harpin' in Colorado,
- --Ken M.

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- ---Li'l Ronnie Owens

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