RE: Micing an Echo (was- off on an Irish tangent)

Scorcher enquires:

>Steve, I play mine in a "sound environment" that's probably similar to
>Bluegrass (mando, guitar, bass, banjo, fiddle, dobro). I just play
>into the (shared)
>vocal mic. Would that work for you, or are you the only feller with an
>amp - no PA?

Got it in one!  My usual environment is noisy pub, and I am the only person 
amplified, so as to level me up with guitars, mandolins, fiddle, bodhran.  
So just my little amp and no PA (except when playing for barn dances etc.)

>How about a ring mic? -Or maybe one of those (actually, 2 of those)
>bottlecaps stuck to the covers???

I'll experiment with the little lapel mic I sometimes use.

Cheers Scorcher!

Steve Shaw

Want more than the blues?  Try Irish!

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