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Glen, I'm in a trio group here in Dallas and you might want to e-mail our
chord player . He should be able to help you with your question..His name is
John Halovanic
Halovanic, John
E-mail Address(es):

Take care.....Jerl Welch

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> >I am new to harmonica and new to the group, but I have played music for
> >over 60 years, rangeing from cool jazz on vibes to bluegrass fiddle. I
> >notice the group is mostly blues oriented and, although I have played
> >of acoustic guitar blues (Blind Blake, John Lee Hooker, John Hurt, etc.)
> >for many years, i am not particularly interested in blues harmonica. In
> >fact, i have become very taken with the sounds of the "Harmonicats" type
> >ensemble playing.
> >
> >My first question: does anyone have any experience with the Huang Compact
> >48 Chord harmonica?
> >
> >Many thanks,
> >Glenn Godsey
> Hi Glenn
> I'm probably not the man you want to hear from - I have no knowledge of
> chord harmonicas for a start!  But I have something in common with you in
> that I pursue a "minority" harmonica interest, Irish music in my case. But
> my experience of this group is that you'll benefit from being an active
> member whatever your interest.  Just keep sending those questions in.
> Someone here will answer!  I haven't met a single other member of this
> in person but they are the best bunch of people in the world!
> Steve Shaw.
> >Want more than the blues?  Try Irish!
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