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>>Subject: newbie question
>>Date: Mon, 24 Nov 2003 15:24:48 -0600
>>I am new to harmonica and new to the group, but I have played music for
>>over 60 years, rangeing from cool jazz on vibes to bluegrass fiddle.

   Vibes, BG Fiddle...excellante

>>  I
>>notice the group is mostly blues oriented and, although I have played lots
>>of acoustic guitar blues (Blind Blake, John Lee Hooker, John Hurt, etc.)
>>for many years, i am not particularly interested in blues harmonica.

   Since you are new to the group, this is what it would seem to 
appear. Actually the group covers ALL facets of harmonica. It's just 
that every time we try to get off course from the blues vein, "They" 
keep pulling us back.

>>  In
>>fact, i have become very taken with the sounds of the "Harmonicats" type of
>>ensemble playing.

   That's the kind of stuff I used to play. Now it's mostly Jazz. 
There IS a "strictly" (and I DO mean strictly) chromatic site. I 
can't mention the name here. I promised.

>>My first question: does anyone have any experience with the Huang Compact
>>48 Chord harmonica?

   Yes, it is good at what it does but at single-set reeds, the chords 
aren't "quite" as full as the standard sized chord. 
..........smokey-joe & the cafe s'

>>Many thanks,
>>Glenn Godsey

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