Re: Chromatic Blues Technique - off on an Irish tangent (sorry!)

I've been following this thread with interest.  I use diatonic harps most of 
the time for my Irish stuff but I do use a 10-hole G chromonica quite a bit. 
  It's a bit shorter than those 12 and 14 hole monsters (typical diatonic 
man speak) so I can get something of a half-decent cup.  But - here comes 
the tangent - I also use those huge double-sided Hohner Echo harps - 24 
holes long each side, almost an inch broader than a 270 and over an inch 
longer.  I use my green bullet with these as with my other harps but 
basically I just abjectly hold the thing as best I can up against the mic.  
Being double-sided, the side I'm playing isn't exactly close to the mic so I 
end up turning the volume up a bit and sounding a bit on the dry side.  I 
doubt whether even King Kong could get a decent cup on that.  If anyone has 
any wrinkles I'd be glad to hear. I KNOW you can get single-sided Echos - 
but I like to be able to flip 'em over to get a key change mid-medley!  
Sorry about muscling in on a chromatic thread, but at least I waited for a 
few days!

Steve Shaw.

Want more than the blues?  Try Irish!

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