Free Harmonica Downloads (while they last)

Greetings everybody,

In commemoration of closing it's doors on December 2nd, 2003, I have
made every song at freely available for

"A Boy and His Harmonica" is currently #3 on the "Top Selling Jazz CD's" at
the site and has been #1 on four occasions, since it's October, 2001

Since it's purchase by Universal/Vivendi has systematically reduced
the site to a mere shadow of it's former self, but I guess that's what
happens when a major record company buys an independent, artist run, online
music service.
I'll be moving my material to another site (to be announced) in the near
future, but until then let's do our part to mess with;s bandwidth
and download, download, download!

Harmonica Content: They're all harmonica instrumentals, except "Love Toy",
which contains lead vocals...

The Harmaniac (tm), Dennis M. Cooper

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