Re: Harp-L Y2Blow disc

A similar topic came up on HarpOn! recently, and Tinus, I believe, 
made the suggestion that producing and distributing a disc was 
largely unnecessary.  If someone can provide server space and an 
interface, or this can be negotiated with an existing service (such 
as, contributors could upload MP3 files, which interested 
parties can download and listen to at will.  It would save someone 
considerable effort and expense.

- -tim

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"Back in the Day"....

Several years ago, the members of this list would contribute MP3s of
their own playing to a compilation disc that would be available at a
nominal cost to members (or anyone?)...Although the production values
were not "Pro" on every cut, it was really interesting to hear "real
harmonica playing" by folks on the list.

The last one I saw was "Harp-L Y2Blow" which was made available
sometime in 2000. This disc had (the first four?) discs in MP3 format
on it.

I haven't seen any talk of a compilation disc since then - does anyone
know about any ongoing project like this?

Barring that, would any of y'all care to contribute 1-3 songs for
inclusion on a disc like this? Maybe we can get something going.
- -Scorcher

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