Re: Harp-L Y2Blow disc

I'm interested, and I also think that an optional CD with mp3's is a great
idea.  A lot of players these days play mp3 CDs, and you can get over a
hundred tunes on one CD.

On Friday, November 21, 2003 11:10 AM [GMT-7=PDT],Scorcher
<s_c_o_r_c_h_e_r@xxxxxxx> wrote:

> "Back in the Day"....
> Several years ago, the members of this list would contribute MP3s of
> their own playing to a compilation disc that would be available at a
> nominal cost to members (or anyone?)...Although the production values
> were not "Pro" on every cut, it was really interesting to hear "real
> harmonica playing" by folks on the list.
> The last one I saw was "Harp-L Y2Blow" which was made available
> sometime in 2000. This disc had (the first four?) discs in MP3 format
> on it.
> I haven't seen any talk of a compilation disc since then - does anyone
> know about any ongoing project like this?
> Barring that, would any of y'all care to contribute 1-3 songs for
> inclusion on a disc like this? Maybe we can get something going.
> -Scorcher

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