Harp Auction, Now Online!

The harmonica auction is now online and in the Beta stage! We've decided 
to make it totally apart from harp-l but for harp players alone! The 
software and .com domain is running smooth as of now and we will soon 
announce the link after I find a few sellers to post items first! Since 
Harp-L has helped a lot, harp-l will be the beta testers. Should only 
take a week after our test till we announce to the rest of the harp 
community that we exist!

I'm looking for a few people that have something that they can place on 
the auction this week. After we get 3-4 items items on the auction, I 
will announce the auction link and be open for registration!

Sellers, step forward now and be the first! Email me OFF-LIST for more info!

Vince Cheney
- -Only one of the creators of the NEW harmonica auction!

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