Re: Harmonica Auction?

adams, john wrote:
> When people advertise their eBay auctions on the list, harp-l folks complain
> that it makes harp-l users bid against one another.  Wouldn't this be the
> same thing?

I agree a bit John, but the fact is... if you just open a classifieds, 
it's first come first serve. Meaning the person that sleeps less is the 
winner. So instead of all us harp players trying to be the "first to 
find" a classified, everyone gets a chance to get the item and we're NOT 
competing with the rest of the world! This makes harp material available 
to harp players and everyone a chance to get it.

Anyway, we already have the server setup and a .com domain in action for 
the harmonica auction!

Anyone ready to list an item, contact me NOW. I'm getting this set-up 
and looking for a few to help us kick-off!

Vince Cheney

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