Chromatic Blues Technique 2

First I want to thank those of you who responded to this thread, both
on & off-list.

I'm getting some GREAT input, and, as always there are some ideas that
are pushing me in new, creative directions.
As to cupping technique in particular, I'd like to ask (or challenge)
those of you who are interested to try something, er, unorthodox with
your chromatic harmonica, mic, and amplifier. It's a little experiment
I tried "in the lab" one day when I was frustrated with trying to get
the same kind of sound I'm accustomed to hearing with my diatonics.

First, record yourself playing (through your amp) your favorite
"honking" passage, with the best "airtight" cup you can manage -
whatever really works for you in performance.

Now, get a little packing tape (the plastic clear kind), or some other
tape that absolutely will NOT let air through. Use the packing tape to
make the opening at the back of the covers smaller; that is, tape over
the ends of the covers, in back, so the opening back there is about
the same length as a diatonic harmonica. This will enable you to get a
better seal on your harp & mic.

Also, make sure there is absolutely no air leakage at the front
corners, or anywhere else. I'm talking so airtight you can BARELY
force ANY air through, if you try to block off the flow through the
back of the instrument. AIR TIGHT.

Now, Play the same passage, as close to the same way you recorded it,
but take full advantage of the tighter cup & compression you now have. you really want to take that tape off?           ;-)

If any of you has any ideas how I can do this without the tape kludge,
I'd really appreciate hearing it!
- -Scorcher

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