RE: Harmonica Auction?

When people advertise their eBay auctions on the list, harp-l folks complain
that it makes harp-l users bid against one another.  Wouldn't this be the
same thing?

Maybe a classified listing system with fixed prices would be better.


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My server is equipped but I really don't think the guy that provides my 
web service would like me to do it. We will see...

It would be very cool if Harp-L members had our own auction. That's a 
separate server, something like and members would be 
able to put items up for auction where other members would bid. It would 
be like Ebay but exclusivly for Harp-l. Of course a small fee to the 
seller, so small that it would barely pay for the server. Something like 
$1 per item, and a 1-3% fee for any item that sells for over $150. 
Anyway, that don't matter, anyone else think it's a good idea?

I'm only afraid that harp players will only join harp-l to bid and etc. 
That would suck, so we would have to find a way for it NOT to effect the 
list for me to support it!

Vince Cheney
The Blues Site

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