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> I love to play blues on chromatic, it sounds NICE....  I think the
"secret" is to put the harp well into your >  mouth, and play big chords....

The chromatic is my instrument of choice but I don't know much about blues.

What do you mean by "big chords?"  With only C, C# and Dm7
, D#m7 chords available on a C harp your choice is extremely limited.  If
you play in the key of D, then you don't even have the tonic major, and the
C chord doesn't occur very often.  I accompany myself on guitar and find
that the chord that I am playing on the guitar is rarely available on the
chromatic. It doesn't make a very smooth/consistent musical line to not play
the chords that are available and then to suddenly chime in when one of them
finally occurs in the music.

Do you recommend relentlessly honking on these few available chords , or
fragments of them, even when the harmony of the song is elsewhere?  I have
heard players do this and find the musical result distasteful.


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