Re: Chromatic Blues Technique

John "Whiteboy" Walden responds:
IMHO Blues on a chromatic tends to be played in "third position "...
That is if using a "c" chrom, playing in the key of "d".
So if you want to play "chrom blues" in other keys (like Walter Horton
or Bill Clarke), you need some chroms in various keys.That is just the
way it is....

Yes, I'll agree that it "tends" to be in 3rd, for a lot of
players...but I "tend" to think outside the box. I don't want to be
just another diatonic player with too much harmonica in his mouth - I
want to PLAY the d*** thing in several keys. My twisted way of
thinking is that if I have all the notes, I oughht to learn how to use

I love to play blues on chromatic, it sounds NICE....  I think the
"secret" is to put the harp well into your mouth, and play big
chords.... "tongue block", don't "pucker"...

Thanks for the tip. I tend to always play TB on chrom- I need it for
the slaps, pulls, stops and octaves.

- -Scorcher

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