Re: Chromatic Blues Technique

IMHO Blues on a chromatic tends to be played in "third position "... That is 
if using a "c" chrom, playing in the key of "d".
So if you want to play "chrom blues" in other keys (like Walter Horton or 
Bill Clarke), you need some chroms in various keys.That is just the way it is....

<<Care to give up any of your "tone secrets", practice strategies, learning 
resources, etc.?>>

The best advice I can give is "Just do it!!!!"

I love to play blues on chromatic, it sounds NICE....  I think the "secret" 
is to put the harp well into your mouth, and play big chords.... "tong block", 
don't "pucker"...


Best wishes,
John "Whiteboy" Walden

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