Re: Hering 1923 Vintage Harp

Contact Doug or John at  If they don't have the 
parts in stock, then they will probably be able to order them for you.


In a message dated 11/22/2003 12:55:29 PM Central Standard Time, 
erickm@xxxxxxxxx writes:
I picked up a couple of Hering 1923 Vintage harps because of what I'd read 
about them on this list. I played them at a gig last night for the first time. 
Wow! They are great harmonicas, maybe the best off-the-shelf diatonics I've 
ever played (I normally play Marine Bands, Special 20's and Big Rivers, with a 
few Lee Oscars and Suzuki's scattered about my kit). The next step is to see how 
long the Herings last.

I understand the reed plates are replaceable on the 1923's. Does anyone know 
where to obtain the reed plates?

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