New list member - Hello Folks...

Hello Harp-L list members. I've just joined the list.

My name is Will and I live in central Florida... near Cocoa Beach. Do we
have any members in the central Florida area? Or, in Florida for that

I've was a drummer for years... worked most weekends as a sideline... played
it all... rock, country, jazz, blues, pop... what ever would get a gig :)
Jazz is a favorite... but like it all. Worked in Atlanta during most of the
70's doing conventions, private clubs, etc. Hung it up in 1980 when I moved
here... low pay... tired of luggin' all the equipment :) And, I had to focus
on my real job for a while :)

I've been fooling around some with the Harmonica but the more I learn, the
more I feel like I gotta long way to go.

I'm interested in blues, country, gospel and old church hymns... Charlie
McCoy, etc. And, maybe some rock.

How many list members are there?

I understand this is one of the popular list for Harmonica... any others?

Anyway, I'll be posting a bunch of questions so you guys help me out if you

Glad to be a member.


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