Toots, Diz, and Mongo!

so... i hit the Virgin Megastore today (everyone's got
their vice, right?) and i ran across something i never
thought i'd see: a latin jazz album with harmonica! 
the album's calle "Summertime" and it's the legendary
percussionist Mongo Santamaria fronting a band that
features Dizzy Gillespie and yes, Toots Thielemans! he
may not be my favorite chromatic player, but i'll take
what i can get ;)

anyway.. i'm a little bit disappointed. it seems Toots
only plays on one song, an 11 minute version of
"Summertime." (if he's on the others, i can't hear him
on my cheapy computer speakers). i wouldn't call his
solos "latin-y" but they don't stop the band either.
it's a live cut, and it may be part of a Montreux
session Mongo did back in 1980 (the album was recorded
that year, in Montreux).

there's an entire live album available called
"Montreux Heat" that also features Diz and Toots (were
they travelling buddies? they shoulda cut an album
together!) but fom the reviews it sounds like they
only appear on one tune, an extended jam on
"Watermelon Man." it may be worth the price of
admission though. 

if anyone knows more about these recordings, let me
know. i'd be interested in knowing more. and if anyone
has any other latin jazz music featuring harmonica,
PLEASE tell me about it!! ;)


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