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hey fokes!
I'd like to thank everyone who responded to "my intro" etc-I received an =
overwhelming amount of suppport and hints/pats on the back et al..I feel =
like I fit right in-I got a wonderful surprise in the mail toidau froma =
total stranger/bluesman..a special20 "c" harp-brandy new-so, I'm gonna =
blow, wipe, was whom- I forget-I had the =
pleasure of seeing and hearinf paul rischell and miz annie raines lass =
night at a near-by pub-theyre doin a free 2 hour gig every wednesday =
night here in cambridge ma-too bad next wednesday nights the lass =
one...and miz annie shore can blow that thing. pauls' no sluch slinger =
either-and his voice is smoove like a fine scotch.(oops-I gotts stay =
farrrrrr away from talkin like that)...any way it was a =
blast-a-rooni-and I came home and conitnued the night by havin my own =
harp-fest by playin my fave harpsters on my cd player..and dreamin of =
me...........lights/fans/applause/autographs.....okl-am getting away =
frommyself now-anyway-I'll be around-watchin , readin and learnin. =
thanks lots, kids!
boston ma
and portnoys comin in next tuesday night for his 60th bash! cant wait! =
hadda sell 2 cartons of cigs to get tix-but a grrrls gotta do..........

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