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> I saw Sam Myers the other day with Anson Funderburgh. Man, what an 
> impressive voice and player. He is 76 years old, I guess that makes him older than 
> Little Walter. It was cool to see someone who has been blowing harp for so 
> long, and still doing it very well. He was a very polite gentleman with manners 
> and class straight out of the fifties, when he cut his first single. Question 
> is: is any of that old stuff available? I'd really like to get a tape of him 
> backing Elmore James. 

Sam is actually 67 years old. Little Walter and the other guys nicknamed
him 'schoolboy', and he was kind of a gofer for Jimmy Rogers and others.
His first record on his own was in 57 on Ace records. There is a compilation 
Papa lightfoot/sam myers on the Oficial label with his early solo stuff. he 
is on various Elmore recordings for the fire/fury labels.

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