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Hello list, I just thought it would be polite to do this before I start 
asking questions/making comments.

 I've been hangin' out here for about a year. I've been concentrating on 
playing harp for about 2 years now, after being a drummer for a long time 
and a guitar owner for longer. One of these days hopefully I can figure 
out the slide and make a neck rack that doesn't squirm around so I can 
play harp at the same time. 

I am fortunate to live near Kansas City, which is blessed with a bunch of 
blues, and have befriended several very talented fellows with regular 
gigs. They always answer my questions and tolerate my lunacy, probably 
amused by my excitement,  wondering if I'm for real or not. 

I get out and play with others in bands and jams when I can, that's when I 
have the best fun. My amp went up in smoke the other day, now I'm learning 
about tube circuitry so I can fix it myself and someday design my own harp 
amp.  I have learned a lot here about harp set-up, too, and repair and 
tune my own. 

I listen to blues primarily, with a dash of jazz, and especially enjoy 
listening to the great chromatic players. I find that when I play my 
chromatics along with those swinging west coast cats, it is a very good 
work out for tone, resonance, breathing, and style for the trip back to 
the chicago dirt that I love so much. 

I saw Sam Myers the other day with Anson Funderburgh. Man, what an 
impressive voice and player. He is 76 years old, I guess that makes him 
older than Little Walter. It was cool to see someone who has been blowing 
harp for so long, and still doing it very well. He was a very polite 
gentleman with manners and class straight out of the fifties, when he cut 
his first single. Question is: is any of that old stuff available? I'd 
really like to get a tape of him backing Elmore James.

Well that's all, back to the woodshed for now....


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