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I started only some 4 years ago when I turned 43. And like you, I turned to
harp-l for guidance and information. I was lucky in as much as harp-l was
still relatively new and members were thrilled finally to meet and talk with
other harp players. The ideas to be shared seemed endless and the enthusiasm
with which they were shared seemed inexhaustible. -Well, the nature of
harp-l has changed somewhat. Many of the most knowledgeable members-often
the biggest contributors-now seem shy to introduce subjects with which
harp-l has already dealt and on which they themselves may already have
spoken at some length and with considerable eloquence. As a consequence,
there seems to be much more discussion of certain "finer points" ("to polish
or not to polish reeds," "to use or not to use a pre-amp," etc).-So, the
trick now, I think, is to fearlessly jump in and ask questions-especially in
matters of fundamental technique; they don't seem to be approached as
regularly anymore.


If no one else has mentioned it, be sure and visit:


And, if you've been good this year, ask for Jerry Portnoy's "Master Class"
for Christmas. He'll help you to acquire the techniques most closely
associated with those "old timers".




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hi fioke's my name is susan or mose fokes know me by blooze56 and I live
outside of boston in medford massatushitz.

I a newbie both to the harp and to harp-l. so go easy. I've always loved
everything about the harp-the sounds, the amazing things people could do
just by moving their mouths, blowing in and out etc(I KNOW its more n
that)...and I always admired the old timers like liland big walters, jr
wells, buttterfield, sbw l +ll, mussellwhite, and newer guys-kim wilson
sugar ray norcia, rod p, harman, little mike, carey bell, james cotton, sam
myers, all the up aND comin local fokes from boston, and soooooo many
others. I love harp blues more than any other blues music. oh-and lets not
forget annie raines, please!!!! 

so-I'm a crip-a broke crip-and I need guidance, lessons, books, ideas,
how-tos, how-not-to's, critques, and moss'ly-just to sit back and learn from
your words.

and I am gonna thaNK all of you now. cause I may be too busy reading, blowin
and soundin like a moose in heat to remember to stop and say thanks. peace.
blooze56 boston mass -hey, if my dad can become a known artist at 71-cant I
become a harpblowin woman at 47???????????????anythings possible w/willpower
determination and practice, practice practice(no, I aint tryin to get to
carnegie hall,fool!)

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