please post "my intro"

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hi fioke's my name is susan or mose fokes know me by blooze56 and I live =
outside of boston in medford massatushitz.
I a newbie both to the harp and to harp-l. so go easy. I've always loved =
everything about the harp-the sounds, the amazing things people could do =
just by moving their mouths, blowing in and out etc(I KNOW its more n =
that)...and I always admired the old timers like liland big walters, jr =
wells, buttterfield, sbw l +ll, mussellwhite, and newer guys-kim wilson =
sugar ray norcia, rod p, harman, little mike, carey bell, james cotton, =
sam myers, all the up aND comin local fokes from boston, and soooooo =
many others. I love harp blues more than any other blues music. oh-and =
lets not forget annie raines, please!!!!=20
so-I'm a crip-a broke crip-and I need guidance, lessons, books, ideas, =
how-tos, how-not-to's, critques, and moss'ly-just to sit back and learn =
from your words.
and I am gonna thaNK all of you now. cause I may be too busy reading, =
blowin and soundin like a moose in heat to remember to stop and say =
thanks. peace. blooze56 boston mass -hey, if my dad can become a known =
artist at 71-cant I become a harpblowin woman at =
47???????????????anythings possible w/willpower determination and =
practice, practice practice(no, I aint tryin to get to carnegie =

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