Re: Bushman Harps

Date: Wed, 19 Nov 2003 14:35:22 EST
From: MundHarp@xxxxxxx
Subject: Re: Bushman Harps

It is FANTASTIC that now in the 21st century we have such a variety of
harmonicas available...
When I first went on the road as a pro musician, back in 1967 or there
about,  the ONLY diatonic blues type harps available in England were the
Hohner "Echo Vamper" (In the USA the "Marine Band" 12 hole) and the "Echo
Super Vamper" 10 hole (again the same as the U.S.A. "Marine Band" 12 hole )
diatonics... That was in the United Kingdom.... At the time Sonny Boy
Williamson ll came to Europe and LOVED the Echo Vamper 12 hole diatonic...
Me? I also much preferred the 12 hole variety, but they were SO expensive,
and the 10 hole Super Vampers (Marine Bands) were cheap.. But they ripped
your lips to bits.... as the pear wood expanded once wet! I used to buy
cases of 1 dozen harps in each key at a time...
Best wishes
John Whiteboy Walden

Hey John,
  Did you ever get to try out any of the Vintage Tricell Vamper series back
then?  Was the mouthpiece as rough as the Hohner Super Chromonicas of the


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