Re[2]: For tremolo players

>> I find it VERY hard to jump from a regular diatonic or chromatic to
>> a tremolo... Has anyone else found this a problem?

> Bob replies (and I swear I begged Microsoft Outbreak to puleeeze
> send this as PLAIN %$#*@  TEXT!, we'll see):

> I have a Suzuki Humming Tremolo in G major which I really like, I
> use it a lot on waltzes and a few jigs where I want a fuller sound.
> If you are used to puckering on a 10-hole, it's a surprise to play
> one of these, because the holes alternate draw/blow (one note per
> hole), and higher-pitched draw note is usually on the left(!) of the
> note you just blew. But it's fairly easy to get used to it, I think
> wound up puckering 'pairs' of holes for some sequences of notes.

Yup, that's the ticket alright! My favorite musical aspect of tremolo
is actually the chordability: for some reason, I have found it very
much easier to do runs of chords on tremolo than on ten-holer.

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