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Hi Dwayne and All

I bought a group of four Soul's Voice harps a while ago and immediately =
noticed something was strange about playing them. Two things: 1) They =
all were tuned A=3D450 - making them "not play well with others" and 2) =
the reeds were spaced further apart & the air channels were wider - =
giving a noticable "stretched" feel. I guess if you played nothing but =
these harps it wouldn't matter. I've really been impressed with how good =
the Hohner Specail 20s are now. If you like harps with plastic =
comb/mouthpiece designs, give some a try.

Staggerin' Jim
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  I am new to playing harmonica......I was deployed to Iraq and needed a =
musical instrument to play......well I have tried hohner and Lee =
Oskar......was wondering if I could get a few opinions on the Bushman =
harps....souls voice in particular....thanks in advance.

  Dwayne Barbee

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