Re: For tremolo players

I don't often play tremolo harmonica, but I do keep a few in my harp case.... 
"Concert" tuned tremolo harps are very good for third position blues.... And 
diatonic tuned tremolo harmonicas are ok for 2nd position blues too, (although 
"bends" are a problem) and any good tremolo harp is good for Cajun style, 
particularly in first position. They sound a lot like a "Squeeze Box!"
However, most tremolo harps seem to be set up slightly differently to single 
reed instruments, the tuning is often "staggered".... The holes are displaced 
slightly... So I find it VERY hard to jump from a regular diatonic or 
chromatic to a tremolo... Has anyone else found this a problem?
Best wishes
John "Whiteboy" Walden

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