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The Swan tremolos use the standard Wiener pseudo-solo layout. You can
see this at

It is not true that you can't bend notes on tremolo harps. Tremolo
harps can actually do more kinds of bends than a standard 10-hole.
However, you have to isolate either the top row or the bottom row of
holes, which means you eliminate the tremolo effect, which is produced
by the bottom row being slightly out of tunes with the top row. If you
get a blow reed and a draw reed side by side in your mouth, then the
higher-pitched of the two notes will bend down. Isolate a draw reed and
you can make it overblow (play a semitone higher than its usual pitch
as a blow bend). Isolate a blow reed and you can make it overdraw (play
a semitone higher than its regular pitch as a draw bend).

You can play a tremolo harp in multiple keys, not just in first
position. It helps if the scale of the tune matches the default scale -
the one you can get without bending - of the harmonica position. 

I'm not sure that a rock ballad would be an obvious choice if only
because the tremolo sounds a lot like an accordion. If you can imagine
ways to fit an accordion sound into a rock ballad, then go for it.

As far as tuning goes - yeah, they'll need it if you play loud, even if
you don't bend. I've put some of my fairly expensive tremolos out of
tune trying to be heard over 20 fiddle; one reason I bought the Swan
set was so that I'd have a beater set. These harps tend to be held
toether with screws on plastic combs, so it at least makes them easier
to take apart.


- --- Mark Crowley <Mark.Crowley@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> does anybody know a site showing note layout of these harmonicas?
> I have heard that people play lots of gospel and country on these and
> that they don't bend so you use what you have.
> Are they used only for 1st position or is it possible to play some
> rock ballads on them as well(?)
> how about minor stuff, is that possible - or would you have to pull
> them apart and retune the reeds (urgh)?
> the concept of the double reeds sounds a nice idea for non-amp
> busking and accompaniment.
> any replies offlist from regular players welcome.
> crowley

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