Re[2]: Fwd: For tremolo players

> does anybody know a site showing note layout of these harmonicas?

The Swan tremolos as well as Huang, Suzuki, and Tombo are tuned to
the "Solo" tuning listed on this page:

The Hohner, Seydel, and Hering tremolos are tuned to the "Richter"
tuning system, like the common ten- or twelve-holers a la Hohner
Marine Band.

> I have heard that people play lots of gospel and country on these
> and that they don't bend so you use what you have.

According to Pat, they can bend. I have not been able to do it myself
:) But I do play in 1st, 2nd, and occasionally 3rd position.

> Are they used only for 1st position or is it possible to play some
> rock ballads on them as well(?)

A local coffee shop has 'jam night' on Thursdays, and I do a lot of
rock ballads there.

> how about minor stuff, is that possible - or would you have to pull
> them apart and retune the reeds (urgh)?

Good makes make them in minor keys. I have Am and Cm right now
(Tombo), must get Em and Dm sometime in the future.

> the concept of the double reeds sounds a nice idea for non-amp
> busking and accompaniment.

Yup. They work well with voice microphones too.

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