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Some may remember that awhile back I put up a web site called "The
Tremolo", containing as thorough information as I have been able to
gather about tremolo harmonica in general. I had to take a hiatus for
a while, but things are now quite good. "The Tremolo", recently
updated, can now be found here:

In three to four weeks I will hopefully have real experience to report
based on something wonderful: long efforts to find an Asian source of
tremolo with good ability to sell directly to English-speaking
consumers have, apparently, finally borne real fruits. I posted a
request for help on the Hong Kong Harmonica Association's forum:

received two very cordial messages on the order of "sorry, we don't
know of any web sites in English, hope you know someone who can read
these two in Chinese", and then two weeks went by, and I received the
message for which I have waited a good bit. Here, at last, is the web
site of the Jiangsu Swan Harmonica Co., Ltd.,

thoroughly in English, with a large number of interesting tremolo
harmonicas, none of which I have seen anywhere else in the world,
several of which are available in all keys! Their online ordering
system does not seem to do English, but I have successfully, rapidly,
and easily contacted them via email, they are ready and eager to work
via direct bank transfer, and when I can afford it I'm going to order
several of their tremolos. I am especially interested in something
they list which appears to be unique. It's on this page:

and called
NH13-402B 24-hole Aluminum Soundboard & Aluminum shell Harmonica(paper

I believe that a Harmonica "soundboard" in Chinese is a comb in
English, and if this is true, we have here a tremolo with an aluminum
comb! We shall see.

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Jonathan E. Brickman
Latest issue:  November '03

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