~Paypal~ Virus

Thanks to JP Pagan I didn't open that attachment. 

Thanks. I would have opened that puppy - - - but
something made me remember seeing something in my
Harp-l digest.

I knew there was a reason I stick around here [Other
than for depressed people to re-direct their malice
toward]. :->

Appreciate it.

[obligitory harp content: I was buying some more mic
elements off ebay, and really would have believed I
had to update my paypal account-since I no longer use
the same bank as when I started my account].
JP Pagan said;

Hi all,

i'm posting this message to these lists because i
know many of us here use PayPal to buy harp related
stuff online or to make ebay purchases.
there is a new virus out which is being sent via an
e-mail that pretends to be an update from PayPal,
warning that your account is about to expire. it is a
HOAX and you should delete the e-mail immediately.
here is an article regarding the e-mail

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