Resonance (was "Wolf tones")

> tones - notes that resonate with the particular
construction of the
> instrument - ...
> they have a tendency to really "jump out" in the
middle of an
> arpeggio.  :-)

hey Scorch,

   well, in this case, the resonant part of the
instrument is YOU, not the harp. could it be that
you're just hitting certain notes resonantly, but not
others? i wouldn't really know from personal
experience, as i can't tell if i play resonantly or
not (i assume not, in that case). but maybe you're
naturally resonating at these pitches, and they're
"jumping out" like you described. Ironman Mike seems
to know alot about resonance, as does Windrix (what
DOESN'T the man know about!?). try hitting them up for
advice. oh, and can you use this effect for anything
besides giving yourself a headache? ;)


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