Sonny Jr (no harp content) WAS: Re: Commander line out adjustment

Thanks for the replies - guess Sonny Jr got some free advertizing ;-)

Jp also wrote: >Hey Ludo, (intersting name, by the way!)

L: Not sure why you say that, but it's Latin for 'I play' :-)

and Fernando wrote:
>Tell me something. I met you first at the harpchat, and thought you were
>German. Your name actually suggests that strongly.
>I imagine that you live in England, is that right?

L: nope - I'm Belgian and live in Antwerpen, Belgium. Never thought my 
German was good enough to fool anyone ;-)
The only countries where you'll find this name are France and Belgium AFAIK.

Lazy Lew ;-)

> > MN wrote <<snip<< In my book, Ron Holmes is up there with respected harp
> > >gear developers like Gary Onofrio and Joe Filisko.
> >
> > Curious... who's Gary Onofrio?
> >
> > Ludo

Ken je het magazine Glamo al?

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