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Hi, all.
I use Audio Phonics Instrument tuner for most basic tuning. The problem with
it is it´s range. It won´t go very far up the scale. But, since we regularly
blow out 3s and 4s, it´s nice and freeware. But, last time I checked,
Audiophonics was out of business.

Another good progam, which is my favourite, is Tune it! 3.01. I don´t
remember the nameof the developer, and it has expired already. But it is
everything you would want to have.

If you like strobe tuners, there are the tune lab and tune lab pro. I
haven´t adjusted well to them, but they are extremely complete. Even more
than Tune It!.

One hint: check the software against a fixed pitch source (tuning fork).
Some software will show you a deviation from it. But intervals should be

Another option is to use a tone generator (there are lots of those freeware)
and tune by ear. Put the note´s value in Herz and tune the harp to it.
Haven´t done it yet, I´ll still have to train my ear better, but it should

Best regards,

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> > Anyone ever use a good tuner software (that is affordable)? Would make
> sense
> > that it would be just as good as anything! But the only concern is, a
> > mic. They sell them clip mics that most folks use for this! Anyone got a
> > program they like? Something affordable and more importantly, simple!
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> > Vince Cheney
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> Vince,
> Check out this link, and it is very interesting, including a downloadable
> multi temperamenrt tuner:
> Got turned on to this from another harp list.
> Sincerely,
> Barbeque Bob Maglinte
> Boston, MA
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