who should take lessons?

Hi Everyone,
I taught a blues harp class at the New School University for one year,
until I moved out of the area and couldn't do it any more. I learned allot
from doing that, and also met some great people! (Hi Jp)
Even though I have been playing for 40 years and am a professional
harmonica player and Hohner endorsee, I personally would jump at any
opportunity I get to take a lesson from anyone who knows more about any
aspect of the harmonica then me!
I plan to make a trip to Chicago to take a few lessons with Howard Levy,
who was a huge influence when I had the opportunity to take the week long
class he used to teach. I learned allot from James Conway (from Chicago)
who is probably the best Irish musician on the diatonic harmonica. IMHO
James also takes an occasional lesson from Howard. I was also lucky enough
to learn allot from William Gallison.
Anyway, NO ONE knows everything, but I personally want to learn as much as
I can, from anyone I can!
All the best,
Bob Meehan

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