Re: Lessons

OK here it goes. I don't usually contribute to harp l or harp talk but I have 
to say something whenever Doug brings up my name. I started taking harp 
lessons with Doug some 20 years ago or so. I didn't know squat about music, blues 
etc. I only knew I had to learn how to play the harp some how. I wasn't having 
a whole lotta luck on my own except for learning to play 1st posistion 
campfire songs that I allready knew in my head. I looked for a harp teacher pre 
computer in my area and one of the music stores in our area knew Doug and gave me 
his name & #. I took about 5 or 6 lessons with Doug but could not get it 
together. I persisted on my own for a year or so and called Doug again. I started 
lessons once again and ended up finishing up 6 or 7 months later. Since then 
Doug and I have been playing on and off for years and has become one of my best 
friends. If you have ever taking lessons with Doug you know he can back up 
anybody in just about any format and make them sound good. He has been my mentor.
 I have seen just about every national act that has played in the Baltimore 
area. There are many excellent harp players in the DC, Balto. Va. Pa. area. 
There is some real talent on the chromatic also. ( Capital Harmonica club in Va. 
for example.) Enough rambling. Bottom line if you want to learn to play you 
can. You just have to stick with it and don't give up.

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