GEAR: XB-40 and Ventura Amps

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Hey All,
 I'm finally back. I went through some serious health, family and
computer issues but have survived it all, once again.. (What's that
about things coming in threes?)
 I have several XB-40s in they key of A available. They are $69.95 plus
$3.85 shipping.
 Also, my distributor just went through their nationwide inventory and
found 4 more of the Ventura Vintage 50 amps. I picked all of them up.
Some of you got to hear this little marvel at SPAH. It's a killer harp
amp and guitar amp. We used it for both on Teeny Tucker's new release
"First Class Woman." 
It's 35 watts into a 10 " with bass, mid, treble and overdrive. Cool
retro styling, too. They are $125.00 plus $19.00 shipping.
 I'm going to put them on eBay next week but wanted to give everyone
here the first shot at them. They really do kick b*&T!
 See ya'll round the list. FINALLY!

...nothing beats a hot rod
Hot Rod Music

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