Re: Lessons

Thanks Larry for the kind words!
Are you still playing at Lasik's (sp)? If so say hi to Paul for me!
Man if I could work out in my schedule I would love to back you up any time 
You have a really fine band going right now and I wish you the best of luck 
with it.

You are correct when you use the word "coach" when you  refer to teaching.
Also I think you make a solid point toward being honest with your students.
You can't teach what you do not know and that is perfectly fine in my book.
A student needs an honest observant coach or guide to start him off on a good 
Once the mutual respect is established  then self motivation and desire to 
grow and improve kicks in big time!
This is the payoff for teachers!
One of my  best students, Gary Doyle  plays rings around me now and we play 
duets together and I back him up on guitar on various gigs these days.
We have played nursing homes VA hospitals, bar restaurants outdoor fests, the 
whole 9 yards and I really dig his sound.

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