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Interesting and worthwhile posts re: lessons. Here's some more info that =
I hope may help someone:=20

After 6 yrs of playing and on the road in South East Asia, I began =
teaching harp (To a German tourist...I was dead broke at the time). That =
was 19 yrs ago, and I'm still teaching (not the same lesson!). I further =
went on to gain teaching qualifications.

Yeah, lots of books, private tuition, workshops, jazz courses, harp-l, =
practicing, jamming, giging, recording and any opportunity to be more =
'at one' with the harp and music.....Its all helped.

A solid way of learning, is by teaching. Teaching has forced me to be =
analytical and self critical of my styles and =
techniques......understanding what you 'have' at your 'level' provides a =
wonderful springboard for development. You know the feeling when you =
step up to the next plateau in your playing! Mmmmm....... Well, =
understanding 'where you're at' will give some clarity to this =
development. Don't under-estimate what you already know. Ok then, try =
and teach what you know to someone else and see what  you  learn.=20

Something I've found very good value, is getting together with local =
harp players and running your own workshop. Using a small PA and backing =
tracks of various styles, each participant can play along with the =
tracks and then talk about their style and technique, to the rest of the =
group. How to organize: You'll need a venue (get an upmarket centre to =
donate one of their conference rooms, in the spirit of community =
support). Someone experienced to facilitate the group. A cover charge =
and/or music store sponsorship to meet costs and refreshments.  =
Advertise and promote and you'll be amazed at the talent that turns up.
Or, you can keep it simple and small...just a few.  Anyway, I and others =
have found this a great tool for learning and networking.=20

I encourage students to read music (and harp tab).....learn horn =
lines.....and of course, listen to horn players. A fast track for a =
repitor of horn licks.
Pratice something new, slowly and deliberately.....let speed and fluency =
take care of itself in its own time.

Just keep playing, keep playing, keep learning and love your music.=20

.....When the student is ready, the teacher will come.=20

Pete Knapton, NZ

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