RE: Lessons

Richard offers:

> I took some lessons from Clint Hoover here in the Twin Cities area.
>  Even though much of what we discussed and the
> technique he demonstrated were beyond my skill level.
> Clint would let me tape the demonstrations so I could listen at
home.  I
> still go back and listen to those tapes today.  My lessons  lasted
> months, but I have been working on the ideas and concepts he
demonstrated to
> me for 4 years now.


> A good instructor should easily hear where a student is making gross
> mistakes in technique and correct problems before they become real
> Also, sitting in the room next your instructor and hearing how the
harp can
> sound, this was a great inspiration to me. WOW!  I wanted those big
> He would keep telling me, it'll come.

Yeah - I'll be after that "Big, Fat" TONE forever, I think....

> One other thing you should keep in the back of your mind,  the
> instructor relationship is still a business one.

Richard, thanks for the great points you made. I've been fortunate to
have this resource, and friendly players at jams who were willing to
help me out.

Still looking for a good San Diego-area (chromatic & diatonic)
teacher, know, you can only wring just so much out of the
web pages of guys like G, Mike Will, Pat Missin, etc., without a
little one-on-one.

Hmmmm, I see that Paul deLay is offering lessons. Portland is only
about a 24-hour drive.......

- -Scorcher

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