RE: Lessons

>  >  Smokey replies:
>>     Need more info. How old? How long playing? When started? Any
>lay-off time?
>First harmonica age 10 (or so). Strictly 1st position for YEARS,
>strictly recreation, occasional type playing - never "serious".
>Played Guitar & Bass Guitar starting @ age 14. Garage bands, casual

   This is EXCELLENT. guitar & bass give you a "leg-up" on the 
experience part. Bass is good for timing, guitar is good for chords 
(& progressions). Apparently you "read". This is a BIG BIG bonus.

>"Returned" to harmonica 6-7 yrs ago (age 41?)

   Same as me. I personally think that's a little old but at least YOU 
didn't let all those yrs go by. You should be a prime candidate for 
some serious work.

>  casually at first, but
>with growing interest. Started "studying" Blues harmonica in earnest
>about 4-5 yrs ago.

   So you were 45-46. That's not really young but it "should" be fine 
because of your past. It's not as if you're a Virgin at this stuff. I 
would still have to call you experienced even though you (humbly) 
describe your playing as "casual".

>  Played mostly in my car. About 2 yrs ago, I got the
>fever, and decided to learn to PLAY the thing.
>Been attending local jams (every couple months) since then. I don't
>have much time for practice (family, family, family), nor do I have
>any illusions about ever playing pro, or even "good amateur"...I just
>LOVE the harmonica.

   Same here. In MY case it was family-job-family-job. I never 
actually wanted to be a pro. Have done a couple telethons and 
commercials, but I don't care for the people in the business (at the 
management end).
   I prefer to keep it casual, as I don't need the money, nor the 
aggravation. Last week I played on Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat. Only 
Wednesday was a regular gig (3x50 min sets). The rest were all guest 
shots (2 to 6 tunes/some I sang, some I did "both")

  snip &<
>  > > Scorcher:
>>  >I've been looking for a Teacher for years - thought I met one, but
>>  >couldn't abide his personality.
>>   Smokey:
>>     That's a CRUCIAL point. I met a fellow here in Fla. We got
>>  for a while but he took everything I said the wrong way and I
>>  couldn't handle it.
>Seem to be quite a few folks who offer to teach that just aren't
>emotionally suited to it.

   In MY case *I* was going to do the teaching, but the student was 
somewhat of a know it all. Funny thing WAS, he actually DID know it 
all, and wasn't shy about it either. He reminded me too much of my 
father and it wasn't going to work.

>  >    Will Galison said "It's no secret, I like Joe's style"...Hey,
>>  that's good enough for me.
>That's quite an endorsement!

   Well, we have done some stuff at various SPAH/Buckeye Jazz club get 
togethers, and since I consider him one of my very favorites, he was 
probably just being nice.
>>  >Scorcher:
>>  > How many of you ARE teachers?

   The problem with teaching is pretty much the same as harmonica 
customizing. I do my own work. IF you do something for someone and 
they sound good, it is because of their "Talent". If they sound bad, 
it's because of your rotten harmonica "Job".


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