Re: Tape inside cover plates

Scorcher said
Interesting comment, John - however, I can't imagine the covers
"vibrating" any significant amount - especially cupped in MY hands. Do
you hold only the ends of the comb, to allow the covers to vibrate

No, I hold my harp well cupped in my hands... But I find the way the harp 
resonates in my hands to be a great help for me, in producing the sound I like to 
get. I play by ear, not according to "draw7 blow5"... and I find the harp 
cover plates vibrating against my hands helps me to get the exact notes that I 
I have been told that some people find that taping the inside of the covers 
projects the sound forward into the mic... I doubt this, but it may be the 
case. I tend to play loud anyway....

Scorcher also said:
<<proper embouchure plays a MUCH larger role in a player's
TONE than cover design or interior finish.>>

Very true! Well said....
It's not the harp, it's the player... But a good harmonica sure helps!!!

Best wishes
John "Whitboy" Walden

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