RE: Lessons

> > Scorcher says:
> >I've been wrestling with the whole "Lessons" issue...

>  Smokey replies:
>    Need more info. How old? How long playing? When started? Any
lay-off time?

First harmonica age 10 (or so). Strictly 1st position for YEARS,
strictly recreation, occasional type playing - never "serious".
Played Guitar & Bass Guitar starting @ age 14. Garage bands, casual
"Returned" to harmonica 6-7 yrs ago (age 41?) casually at first, but
with growing interest. Started "studying" Blues harmonica in earnest
about 4-5 yrs ago. Played mostly in my car. About 2 yrs ago, I got the
fever, and decided to learn to PLAY the thing.
Been attending local jams (every couple months) since then. I don't
have much time for practice (family, family, family), nor do I have
any illusions about ever playing pro, or even "good amateur"...I just
LOVE the harmonica.

>  > Scorcher:
> >I'm completely self-taught - everything I know I got out of a book,
> >from listening to other players

> Smokey:
>    Same here.

> > Scorcher:
> >...later, from this & other lists, and
> >from talking to guys at jams.

> Smokey:
>    Good idea.

> > Scorcher:
> >I've been looking for a Teacher for years - thought I met one, but
> >couldn't abide his personality.

>  Smokey:
>    That's a CRUCIAL point. I met a fellow here in Fla. We got
> for a while but he took everything I said the wrong way and I
> couldn't handle it.

Seem to be quite a few folks who offer to teach that just aren't
emotionally suited to it.

> > Scorcher:
> >How many of you has taken one-on-one lessons with a Teacher (not a
> >seminar, but real lessons)? How valuable was the experience?

> Smokey:
>    Used to go to Jerry Murad's home Tues nites.
> Conclusion: Murad said that I was too "welded in concrete", he
> would have to take me apart to put me back together, didn't have
> enough time left, and since my style was different enough to be
> "stomachable", he didn't want to ruin me? Also. I improvise (he
> DIDN't), I play diatonic (he DIDN't), I do Jazz, (he DIDN't).
>    Will Galison said "It's no secret, I like Joe's style"...Hey,
> that's good enough for me.

That's quite an endorsement!

> >Scorcher:
> > How many of you ARE teachers?

> Smokey:
>    Several people want me to be but I don't have the patience.

> > Scorcher:
> >Can a player get to be REALLY good WITHOUT lessons?

> Smokey:
>    Absolutely. .............smo-joe

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