Re: Lessons

>I've been wrestling with the whole "Lessons" issue...

   Need more info. How old? How long playing? When started? Any lay-off time?

>I'm completely self-taught - everything I know I got out of a book, or
>from listening to other players

   Same here.

>...later, from this & other lists, and
>from talking to guys at jams.

   Good idea.

>I've been looking for a Teacher for years - thought I met one, but
>couldn't abide his personality.

   That's a CRUCIAL point. I met a fellow here in Fla. We got together 
for a while but he took everything I said the wrong way and I 
couldn't handle it.

>How many of you has taken one-on-one lessons with a Teacher (not a
>seminar, but real lessons)? How valuable was the experience?

   Used to go to Jerry Murad's home Tues nites. He was in Youngstown, 
I was north of Pittsburgh. We became fast friends. THIS is where the 
above info comes in. My situation was such that he couldn't do 
anything for me as:
   1. I had started playing chromatic at age 12 1/2 (and stopped at 16)
   2. I didn't pick it up again till age 41 (I'm now 61)
   3. At 14-16 I had already played in a sidewalk cafe, had been on an 
Italian record and even played on a steamship. Sat in with Guy 
Lombardo at 17.
   4. The 25 year layoff time KILLED me. I had lost most of my GOOD 
technique but still had a lot of old BAD habits.

   Conclusion: Murad said that I was too "welded in concrete", he 
would have to take me apart to put me back together, didn't have 
enough time left, and since my style was different enough to be 
"stomachable", he didn't want to ruin me? Also. I improvise (he 
DIDN't), I play diatonic (he DIDN't), I do Jazz, (he DIDN't).
   Will Galison said "It's no secret, I like Joe's style"...Hey, 
that's good enough for me.

How many of you ARE teachers

   Several people want me to be but I don't have the patience.

>Can a player get to be REALLY good WITHOUT lessons?

   Absolutely. .............smo-joe

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