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 > Can a player get to be REALLY good WITHOUT lessons?
> -Scorcher

Of course he can and many have, BUT.........................

Here are some of the things a teacher can do for you:

Show you the proper techniques so you don't waste time experimenting.
Set a schedule for instruction and practice.
Advise you in the choice of instruments.
Present new material in a graded sequence as your abilities increase.
Prevent you from developing bad habits.
Assess your relative strengths and weaknesses and focus your work on the
Play for you and inspire you to do as well.
Motivate you to practice so as not to disappoint the teacher at the next
Give you paid-for advice, that you are more likely to take seriously.
Encourage you by pointing out your progress when you feel discouraged.
Play duets with you to get you accustomed to performing in an ensemble.
Teach and drill you in music.....reading, timing, and theory.

The autodidactic student using instruction books can do many of the above
functions for himself. However, a good teacher can get you to a given level
with less time and effort.  If a teacher can do the above functions, then
just put up with an abrasive personality.  Toscanini was an S.O.B!

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