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> Some of the harmonicas had tape inside the cover plates. How does this 
> affect the tone of the harmonica.?

Some players like to tape the inside of their harmonica cover plates which 
reduces the amount that the cover plates vibrate when the harp is being played. 
I do not do this myself, as I really like my harmonica to vibrate as much as 
possible in my hands, which seems to make the instrument more responsive. IMHO 
the cover plates used, make a vast difference to the tone of the instrument.
I like to play harps with thin cover plates, such as the MS Blues Harp. Other 
players prefer thicker cover plates, such as the MS Meisteklasse. When using 
Hohner MS harps, I always fit them with Blues Harp cover plates which allows 
them to vibrate freely.
"Different strokes for different folks!"
Best wishes
John "Whiteboy" Walden
London, England

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