Re: Commander line out adjustment

Date: Fri, 14 Nov 2003 00:29:55 +0000
From: "M. N." <mnessmith@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: Commander line out adjustment

john k. wrote:
"... both times (with two different PA's and sound guys), the sound guys
said the [Harp Commander's] signal was too hot when using the line out (BTW,
hose the 1/4" option). <snip>

After reading John's post though (and G.'s response), I'm certain the
problem is that that signal is just too hot. In the future, I plan to use
only the lower-gain instrument-output and then, at some point, send the unit
back to Ron to adjust. I'm not real anxious, though, to pay postage for
mailing it over to America and back (not to mention the risk of losing it).
I love my Harp Commander but this is certainly a drawback. I was glad (but
not surprised) to read that Ron will mod them at no charge,
and that he's tinkered with the design to avert the problem on new units. In
my book, Ron Holmes is up there with respected harp gear developers like
Gary Onofrio and
Joe Filisko.

Hi MN,
  I live in New Zealand, so when I ship things to USA I'm paying good money
and want to make sure that things are safe.   I have found that choosing a
service that includes insurance means that if anything is lost I can be
recompensated for the amount I wrote on the Customs docket.

To John who's concerned about reducing the output level of the line out in
case he loses volume later on - Don't be.  Get it reduced.
  When you're plugged into a PA your volume isn't so much limited by the
output of your preamp (so long as its at least loud as a low impedance
microphone) as the power output of the PA.  If you get the level lowered to
what Ron usually does you'll have plenty of headroom no matter what the
setting and have more room for adjustment.   Again, if you're having
trouble - look for the gain knob on the PA mixing board and ~turn it down~.
With increased power from your HC into the PA all you'll end up doing is
getting nasty clipping on your signal - as you found.

  A tip:  If you're on stage with monitor and not getting heard out front
because of feedback, on the PA LOWER the moniter level and raise the Channel
Volume.   Likewise, if you can't hear yourself on stage but people out front
are getting enough as it is, raise the monitor level only.

It really is worth working out how to manage PA & Mixer levels for yourself.


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