Rhythm, Minimal Harp Content?

There?s a lot of information on how to play the right
notes, riffs, positions, chords etc. on a harmonica.
But seems like a lot less on how to play them in the
right time. Sometimes I hear people playing and it
sounds kind of dead or corny and I suspect it?s a
timing issue. But other players can get a great
driving sound even (or especially) playing relatively
simple lines.

So lately I?ve been getting paranoid about my rhythm
and phrasing.   Any suggestions on how to improve
that? Hopefully it isn?t entirely genetic! I listen to
music all the time to try to absorb this by osmosis,
but I wonder if there are other things I can be doing
to improve.

Things I?m interested in are: 

exercises people may do and other practice techniques
(I have a metronome btw)

the names and examples of common rhythms used at jams

recorded examples on the web or on CD?s of different
ways to phrase or rhythmic approaches

instructional materials ? I?m wondering if there are
drum books with CD?s that are good.

Getting some idea of how to use basic rhythmic
patterns would be good. But I?d also like any ideas on
how to improve my ability to swing and the elusive
concept of playing behind the beat.  It would be great
to be able to listen to something played ahead of, on,
and behind the beat to try to get this. 

The context of my request is mainly for blues, but I?d
like to develop towards that blues/jazz middle ground.
So maybe not much of a harp request per se, but it
sure seems to make a big difference in how things

Bill H

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